Mantra Monday :: Psalm 86.16

This is the start of what I’d like to call Mantra Mondays. This is a challenge for me and you as you run (and every other time during the week) to think about, repeat, and use these short sayings as a way to motivate us when, let’s face it, we just want to quit. Sometimes it will be Biblical, other times a segment of an inspirational quote, and sometimes it will be something from the still functioning corners of my mind. I will quote it and try my best to unpack it so, in the end, it will hopefully have the same impact for you that it has for me. I’ll do my best to keep it short. After all, we’ve got some miles to put in!

Here we go:

Turn to me and be gracious to me;

give your strength to your servant


–Psalm 86.16 (NRSV)

This Psalm, written by David, is a prayer for help from his enemies. Heaven knows he had quite a number of them and probably deserved most of them, if we’re honest. Hopefully, as you live, you aren’t in danger from physical enemies trying to attack you. I guess I’ve been lucky, in a way, that I have been, and continue to be, my own worst enemy.

Here’s how it can apply to you if you’re not just running away from someone: In the midst of wanting to quit and feeling our strength failing, we naturally want to call on something greater than ourselves. When we reach our limits, we want to call on something, someone who does not share our limitations. Find that thing, cling to it, and let that strength be your strength when yours won’t cut it. Let David’s prayer be your mantra this week.

What are you thinking?

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