Weird Talents Runners Have

This is pretty great! And pretty spot on!

Joy Runner

Whether you run 5-minute miles or 12-minute miles you’ve got some talent for running. However, there are certain things runners become talented at BECAUSE they run. Okay, talented might be pushing it, but we at least get better at these things.

  1. Mental Math

Unless you’re the type of runner that doesn’t carry a watch with you or care about race times, chances are that you have to do some mental math from time to time. I know I’ve gotten pretty decent at calculating splits and estimating how far I’ve run. When I forget my GPS watch at home, I’ll try and estimate what pace I’m running at and about how many minutes I need to run in order to run a certain amount of miles. It sounds more complicated than it actually is.


  1. Planning Details

Although I love running races, there are a lot of little details that need to…

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