Mantra Monday :: Definition

I will define myself by who I am, not the things I wish myself to be.

I, and maybe you, have seen this quote by David Willey (an editor for Runner’s World) floating around the interwebs:

It touches in a lot of reasons why people run. And the reasons why can change drastically from day to day. Somedays, I run to clear my head. Other times, I do it to burn off calories from that potluck I went to. But I think the best thing we can do is let running define itself for us. The benefits are numerous and, when we take it, and ourselves, for what it is rather than what we want it to be, we can find a lot more peace.

Peaceful running!

By the way, the article this comes from is great in it’s entirety. Give it a read if you have time!

4 Comments on “Mantra Monday :: Definition

  1. Running literally saved my life and my sanity. I told you earlier, I could talk forever on this! Running makes me easier to live and work with, also. 🙂 I saved that quote…I love it.


    • Absolutely, Charlotte! I can tell if I don’t get a run in every day or two. I get really antsy. Running is just another way for me to remind myself who I am.


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