The Oddness of Discussing Fitness

This whole week, my family and I are at a family camp. My wife’s family has been going for 30 years and it’s basically in their DNA. Summer cannot be completed without Danebod. During this camp, there are discussion times everyday. Today, I lead a discussion with my pal, Ted, who I ran the Rock and Roll USA Marathon with in DC. Our goal was to engage people in a discussion about health, wellness, and tell a bit of our story, both of which entail a gradual, but complete, overhaul of our lives. There’s are such twisted ideas of what health is in the U.S. that we thought it worth the time to address some of them.

It’s always hard to lead a discussion about something you are still learning about. Ted is big on numbers, the science, and research. I pretty much lace up my shoes, sync my watch, and go. The group had people from early 20-somethings to a 95 year old. All activity levels. All age groups. And everybody has a different take on what wellness is. Everybody has a different goal and idea, which is great.

The thing I realized most in this discussion is that no matter how much I run, engage in a healthy lifestyle, or engage in this spiritual practice, it doesn’t necessarily make me a great communicator on the topic. The discussion went fine, but I found myself at a loss for words a few times. The benefits are so evident to me, yet I am not sure anything I said was inspiring to anybody. I just have to hope that my life and passion for it is enough to do the work. And I suppose there’s no saying how inspired someone is at the time. It can only be measured long-term. If someone goes out and makes an immediate but temporary change, it’s not as valuable as someone who gradually incorporates healthy decisions into the rest of their lives!

So I guess I need to remember that, both on this blog and in my life, as a friend, pastor, husband, father, and whatever else I am. Any change worth making is worth a lot of time and energy. Any goal worth achieving takes a lot of work. And the journey is just as important as the outcome in measuring the results.

2 Comments on “The Oddness of Discussing Fitness

  1. I bet you were much more inspiring than you think. Someone who has lived it and has a passion for it is inspiring. But I do know what you mean. My weight loss, running and healthy journey means so much to me that I feel like I could talk forever on it! Sometimes people ask me and I am excited to try to convince them and it seems to bore the crap out of them! Maybe it’s them, not you. Discussing fitness with people who may or may not care about hearing it is difficult and frustrating…at least to me. I could talk for days on running who wants to hear that? 🙂


    • Thanks for the kind words! That’s what I’m hoping for! I know I get inspired by people who are enchanted by what they are doing so I’m hoping people get the same from me. And, yes, you are inspiring. Keep taking, we’ll listen!


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