Danebod 3k Recap

Yesterday, there was a race and I should begin by saying this isn’t your normal race or race crowd. This is a small event in the middle of the week with a bunch of people gathered at a family camp. Of that’s not odd enough, it’s run like an old Danish folk school, so the race took place immediately after tea time, which puts it around 4. Some of these folks have a hard time navigating the stairs of this old dormitory, but many tried their hand at the 1.8 mile trek. Not exactly an endurance run for some, but a great step for many of the people!

We even had legit bibs and finisher medals.

Not bad for a no fee race.

My friend, Ted, pictured in A Year Ago Today, and I organized and got the word out about the race. He ordered all the hardware and we helped lead a discussion on Monday which highlighted the importance fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and the benefits of running as a means to wellness. It all went very well and the race was a blast! About 85 people came to go the distance.

We had volunteers at a water station and handing out the medals. We had a run through the town we invade, Tyler, MN. And we had a great time! People stayed and cheered in the finishers and there was a great atmosphere of support. My first race as a co-RD and I am quite pleased with the results. Why? Because people got out, tried so hard, and maybe, just maybe, someone will look a little harder at this crazy running thing. I’ve had a few people already asking if we are doing it next year and that their goal is to be able to run the whole thing. That’s what it’s all about! The medals are nice, the bibs look legit, and we had a blast. But most importantly, about 85 people started to see what they were capable of!

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