Self-Care and Competition

You know how on a plane you’re supposed to put on your own oxygen mask first?

Well, this week I didn’t do that very well. Family camp activities took my attention away from what I what I need to take care of myself. Even my long run was cut from 16 to 12 miles so other things could get done

It got me thinking about competition, specifically for time. We have to fight for the time to take care of ourselves as hard as others fight for our time. Our responsibilities, advertising, and wishes (our own and others) all compete for our days and fill them so fast. Through the chaos of day-to-day life, people are vying for your attention. But nobody is trying to get you to focus on caring for yourself. No one is telling you you’re worth what you are. No one is telling us we are overextended. Busyness is rewarded and full schedules applauded.

But I’m telling you, and me, that some of the most important work you can do is not advertised or advocated for. Force yourself to care for yourself. Because if you’re not getting the fuel you need, you’ll hit the wall. I can guarantee it. If you aren’t putting your oxygen mask on first, your priorities need evaluating. And, today, I read this as a letter to myself.

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