Mantra Monday :: Presence

It’s not my duty to know the future

It is my duty to know the present

When we’re running (or just living for that matter) we can get caught up in what comes next. Is there a hill coming up that I need to save some energy for? What if I need extra nutrition on this run? Will it be too hot out if I run in the afternoon? Where will my family meet me on the course with some refreshments and support? Should I eat my gel now or in a few miles?

All this fast-forward thinking can prevent us from truly experiencing what is happening right here, right now. It can take away the joy of feeling the wind on your face, the pavement or trail beneath your feet, your heart pumping strong and your breath feeding your body. It can move us from “what now?” to “what if?” And “what if?” is a scary place, filled with too many possibilities to name and only a few that will happen. Don’t put yourself through that. Even when it hurts, because it will, thinking of the future won’t necessarily solve it. Be in the moment and experience whatever you have to experience, be it pain, joy, ecstasy, sorrow, or anger. Because feelings and sensations aren’t a bad thing.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t run smart. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t know your course or plan ahead. What I am saying is this: Don’t let those things run your run. Let yourself and your run enjoy the moment, so brief in our day and age, so that you give yourself time to rest your fast-forward mind.

What are you thinking?

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