Mantra Monday :: Beautiful


I’m changing my mantra for the week. I’m obviously pulling from the Suicide Prevention Hotline here. I’m scheduling this right after finding out about Robin Williams’ apparent suicide. All I can say is this: never, NEVER, think that you aren’t loved, beautiful, cared deeply for, or cherished. You are, so deeply, beautiful. And our running, body image, friends, family, or anything else doesn’t make that a reality aside from this: God formed you, knit you together, and God loves every cell in your body.

Run. Enjoy your life. Enjoy the beauty around you. And repeat after me: I am beautiful, inside and out. Even if you don’t believe it. Repeat it until you do.

3 Comments on “Mantra Monday :: Beautiful

      • Agreed. Suicide just hits so much harder than a natural death. Yes, it’s always important to be reminded of our value in this world – for everyone.


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