Gait Analysis

Yesterday, I stopped by Cedar Falls to help a friend with a project. I finished a little early so I had a great chance to visit with some awesome people and stop by a few places I liked when I worked there. One of those places is The Runner’s Flat. It’s a great running shop and they help sponsor a ton of local events, including the 20-mile trail run I’m doing in October.

While there, I asked about the course route, which has changed from previous years. It hasn’t officially been released yet, but Andy drew me an approximate map:

I’m really looking forward to it! It’s in 10-mile loops, like my marathon in September with 13-mile loops.

While I was there, I got my first ever gait analysis. The put me in a pair of Newton Energy, as they said it’s their most neutral shoe (he described it as a house slipper). I ran a bit at my fairly standard pace of 8:30 for a bit and I was done. He thought I slightly over pronated, which was fairly clear in the video. But I’ve run on a treadmill two times in as many years, so I’m not entirely sure. He suggested a few different pair of shoes (Hoka and Newton brand models). But, after I told him what I’ve run in the last few years (Altra Instinct 1.5, Saucony Kinvara 4, and New Balance Minimus), he said I could probably stick with neutral shoes. But, later on in my running career, I may want to switch to something with a bit more stability.

Overall, I enjoyed visiting the Flat again! It’s always nice to talk (not just type) about running with a real, live, breathing human being! Hope you have a good week!

Have you ever gotten a gait analysis before? Were the results what you expected?

2 Comments on “Gait Analysis

  1. Only once and it was in person at Marathon Run Walk in the cities! At that time they told me I over pronate a lot. I ran in Saucony Hurricanes for a number of years and just switched this last pair to Asics Keyanos…I probably should have a new analysis…that was probably more than 5 years ago.


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