No Bake Energy Bites

In my effort to find the perfect homemade running fuel that I can make and eat in the correct portion, I have discovered (drum roll please) the No Bake Energy Bites! (slow clap ensues)


Photo credit: Gimme Some Oven

Okay. I know. This isn’t exactly a breaking news kind of recipe. This recipe, and countless spin offs of it, have gone viral a time or two on different social media outlets. However, I haven’t really paid a whole lot of attention until recently, I guess.

I made them the other day and here are my thoughts. They are delicious. Peanut butter is basically a food group for me and my pre-race meal has always been either a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with some of my granola sprinkled between the layers) or oatmeal with flax and peanut butter blended in. This was a big reason I was drawn to trying them out. I was able, with a lot more time than I was expecting, form them into something that vaguely resembles the neat, perfectly spherical balls pictured above. They were more crumbly than I expected, so I had to really try to compact them to get them to maintain any kind of shape. And, as I was trying my best to get these into the delicious looking orbs you see above, I had a realization. It was not a welcome one, but it happened anyway. These will probably not work in a race situation where I carry my own nutrition due, mainly, to the fact that once they get warm, they will melt and get all over whatever I was planning on transporting them in. This is pretty much a disqualifier for me to use for race food.

However, they are incredibly delicious pre- and post-race snack! And, if you have someone to meet you at various points, be they at aid stations or just pre-specified street corners on the route, these would be great. Keep them in a bag in a cooler with a few ice packs and you’ll have yourself some delicious food on the run.

Anybody else have any recipes that might be run fuel worthy?

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