One Year, One Thousand Recap

In 2011, I came to the realization that I enjoyed running more than cycling, which was my primary mode of exercise  at that point. I decided I’d make a conscious effort to run, but I knew I’d need a motivator to start out. Once I had a habit, I would keep it. So, in December, I began raising money for Charity:Water. Check out their website for more information about this great charity. I saw this video and it got me motivated (and still does) to do something for them:

I decided to set a goal of $1000 and I said I’d run one mile for each dollar. Well, my friends and family rallied around me and raised $1165. With that number squarely in my head, I did it. Last year, after not running more than a 10k in my life, I ran 1165 miles including my first half marathon and my first 2 marathons, as well as a 10k in my hometown. It basically broke down to about 23 miles per week, if I recall correctly. I even started a blog, aptly called One Year, One Thousand, to log my miles, although I didn’t do much with it in the way of networking or motivation. It was really just an online mile log for my supporters to know I was keeping up with my end of the deal. Looking back at it, I never actually finished the blog, but I did finish the miles.

The point to this short, albeit rambling, story is this. I received an email from Charity:Water stating that the project that my money went to has been completed! The community of May Koho in Ethiopia, a group of 150 beautiful, worthwhile people now has a hand-dug well. My project was paired with 6 others to meet the financial need for this well.

ET.GOH.Q4.12.136.153-5306d8ca2bafc (1)

When I got this email, I got all teared up. I mean, my work paid off. People now have safe, clean water to drink and played a part in that! I still get choked up thinking about it. Look at the pictures of the people gathered at the well and tell me that doesn’t move you. I find joy when I see others finding joy. This is what it was all about for me for a full year of my life and, it seems and I hope, it continues to be a part for a long, long time.

Have you ever run for a group, charity, or cause? What was it? Leave a link so we can all join in your celebration!

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