When the Fog Thins

Well, I’m 3 weeks out from my marathon in Madison on Sept. 13. That means today was my last real longer run and a few weeks of taper into the race itself is in store. Today was muggy and foggy. This was my first 7 miles or so:

It was pretty awful, if I’m honest. But, around mile 7, it started to clear. As I got close to the turn about, in Clear Lake, this was my view:

And, as the fog lifted, as I started to see more, I felt great. I finished my 20 miles and had gas left to go further (although I didn’t).

The whole run convinced me that sometimes fog is a good for our perception of the world. Can you imagine a world without little inconveniences? Can you imagine a world where everything goes perfect all the time? I think we often want that, but there’s no story in that. There’s no overcoming. There’s no moment of clarity, when the tide of the battle turns or the problem is solved. In the fog, there is struggle, yes, but without struggle there is no victory, there is no opportunity to persevere, and there is no moment of clarity. That moment is the moment when we realize what we are truly capable of. It is the point of honesty about ourselves, our abilities (often greater than we can ever imagine), and our situation.

Running in 95% humidity stinks. It’s not fun. But the run isn’t always about fun. It’s about freedom to discover who you are and who you can become. The fog is healthy for us to go through and, when the fog thins, we get a glimmer of what our future selves can become.


I mentioned that I’m doing my marathon in Madison. Here’s the plug. It’s the Children’s Voice Inc. Madison Garden Marathon. It’s for a great cause and, honestly, it’s a $70 registration fee. Who can argue with that?! Please take some time to check it out. Also, if you happen to be running it or living in Madision, let me know! I’d love to meet a few more people!

6 Comments on “When the Fog Thins

  1. Beautiful post. It takes such effort to look for the positive in the things that initially do not seem so great. Thanks for the reminder today to work on this aspect in my life.


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