RAP Protein Gummies

So, I’m pretty much a sucker for a sale on food, especially food I’ve never tried before. So, when I spied a box of RAP Protein Gummies for $2 at the small Hy Vee by my house, I couldn’t pass it up. RAP stands for “Rapid Acting Protein” and they promote its use for repairing and building lean muscle. I ate a package after finishing a 10 x 600m hill repeat workout as a recovery fuel.

They have three flavors. I bought the strawberry because, well, that was the one on sale! They also have a citrus and mixed berry option, as well.


Here’s the rundown of their nutrition:


20 grams of protein at 200 calories?! That’s pretty impressive, in my opinion. For what the carb load is (39 grams), less than half of it is sugar. To me, that says much of the carbohydrate count comes from complex carbs that will give longer lasting energy. Still, there is more sugar than in the other gummies I’ve used in the past. Maybe that means it offers both more complex and simple sugars. But, I’m not a nutritionist, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt.

Taste and texture wise, you can definitely taste the protein powder. It has that distinct protein flavor that comes from using that powder, which I actually enjoyed. It meant that it didn’t taste too syrupy sweet to my palate. Also, the texture was different than gummies I’ve had before. Usually, they tend to melt in my mouth a bit, leaving my entire mouth coated in sugar and leaving me little choice but to rinse immediately. These, though, had a much smoother texture. I didn’t feel like I needed to rinse with water right away. I really liked that. As far as the fruity flavor is concerned, I had no qualms about it. Not too sweet, but a strawberry-like flavor still came out under the protein.

Overall, these might be a good thing to try if you can find them. There is a pretty impressive distributor list on their website. The protein will contribute to muscle repair, so, at the very least, it could be a good recovery food. Bottom line, I thought they were good. They seem to have a good nutrient level and, when I eat well, I run well. That’s what it’s all about. If I can eat well, I can run more and worry less about bonking while reaping the rewards of running and good health.

Have any of you tried RAP Protein Gummies before? Any other protein based gummy products you’ve tried I should know about?


This post was not sponsored by RAP Protein Gummies. It is just my thoughts after trying the product once. However, if you happen to work them or a similar company, I would love to do more food and product reviews! Let me know!


After having had more time eating RAP Protein Gummies, I stand by my initial observations! A yummy way to get a good dose of protein and enjoying a gummy that doesn’t make me need to brush my teeth immediately.

4 Comments on “RAP Protein Gummies

  1. I just had my first batch. I enjoyed everything but the color. I had the mixed berry blend. The package showed a pleasant purple color, but when I opened them, they were a very off-putting shade of brown. Tasty, filling, not too sweet, but my brain kept expecting a Tootsie Roll every time I put one in my mouth.


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