Mantra Monday :: Rally Day

I have a reason to rally

At church yesterday, we celebrated what is commonly called “Rally Sunday”. In our case, it’s always the week before we go back into the sanctuary after worshipping outside all summer. The word “rally” generally means a gathering of people for a cause or a reviving of something or someone. We rally around someone who is achieving something great and we can rally to finish a race strong.

In my mind, though, every day (and especially Sundays) should be a rally day. Find someone or something positive to rally around today and find a reason for you to rally when you hit a tough time this week.

2 Comments on “Mantra Monday :: Rally Day

  1. It was rally day at our church, too! I like the way you think. I am going to rally around my mom this week and help her after her little car dust up last week. I will remember this post when I go visit!!!!


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