Taper Tantrums and Bibs in the Mail

Well, the time has come and there’s no backing out now. I did my final training run. The next time I lace up my trusty Altra Instincts will be on Saturday as I wait to be corralled to a start line and to hear the signal to start. This is when it becomes real to me. I can run a 20+ mile training run and it will never feel as real as when I realize my training is done and the race is next. To make this feeling of foreboding even a little more pronounced, I got my shirt and bib in the mail today.



I’ve never gotten race registration stuff in the mail before. I’m actually not really sure what to do with it, aside from putting it on and running. Do I stop by the Endurance House (our designated registration site) and double check? Do I just show up Saturday morning and start running? I don’t really know. Any help on the matter is appreciated!

Anyway, back to my foreboding… It’s real now. The race clothes are packed. The bib is ready to hang. The shoes are hanging by the door. I just need to remember to breathe and keep myself from thinking too hard.


How do you cope with the last few days before a race?

What are you thinking?

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