Heart First

I went for a run yesterday as I was starting to get the ball rolling on my sermon for this week. I like to do this because it clears my mind, allows me to think, and gets me into a new setting in which to think. With my upcoming trail race, I went out to Lime Creek and got lost for a hour.

During that time, I was thinking of how our actions are most effective when they aren’t just behaviors. Behaviors are learned, they’re habits that have been established and then aren’t necessarily thought of again. This isn’t necessarily good or bad, just unthoughtful. This unthoughtfulness can make our behaviors just actions.

Perhaps a better way of being is one of heart fueled actions. Often our habits are formed through times of dedication to a certain practice. And when this happens, we find our actions mean something more. We have passion, energy, and purpose when there is more to our behaviors than simply a motion. When I run for a reason, for instance, it allows me to better use the time. Miles are not just miles when you’re training for a race or find another cause. They are steps closer to a goal. And I think the same can be said of anything. When we have a reason to do it, it’s always done better. It’s not uncommon, though, want to make a habit, but don’t always have the heart to do it.

So what? Find a reason! Find a reason to do what you do. Let your heart inspire your actions. And you’ll do better for it! And what if you’ve lost the inspiration and can’t find it again? Maybe that’s a post for another time.


What are you inspired to do? What is something that you’ve lost the inspiration to do?

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