What I’m Thinking

Someone asked me the other day what I thought about when I run. I laughed and said, “Sometimes everything and sometimes nothing.” They looked at me a little puzzled (okay, very puzzled) and I had to just refer them to this blog. If you’re reading this, and you recognize this scenario, it’s probably you who asked me! Haha!

I feel the need to elaborate. I think that sometimes people assume that, with all that time to think, I must have God on speed dial, having revelations daily. But the fact of the matter is that revelations aren’t always full blown epiphanies. Often, it’s just a glimpse that I must pursue and tease out through the rest of the clutter and charter of my mind. So, I decided to give you a glimpse into different types of thoughts I have while running. My run thoughts can be broken into a few categories.

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1. Maintenance
Ready? Okay. Start watch. Did I lock the door? I hope I have my key. Oh yes. There it is. I wonder how many dogs will bark at me today. First car of the day. Okay, car, I’m wearing a headlamp and reflective vest, I know you see me. Whew, glad he moved over. Whoa – has that pothole been here a while. Should I turn here? Sure why not? Construction?! Lame! “Good morning! Great day for a run, huh?”

2. Planning
I wonder what I’m doing today. Meeting, project, school work. What am I reading again? Shoot! Did I email that person about that thing? I need to call my advisor about CPE.

3. Prayer
Dear God, thank you for this run and this day. Please use it to (is that a raccoon?) make me a better person. Keep my wife (oh crap, did I forget to tell her I left for a run?) and my children safe and (yeah, I told her last night) healthy. Please (oh geez! Geese!) keep me out of harms way and (wave to the nice people who refuse to stop at a stop sign…) keep me patient.

4. Running
Inhale 4 steps, out for 3. Okay, push tempo to that tree…now! Keep landing on your midfoot. Don’t slouch. Keep your head up. Relax your shoulder. What my pace again? Ugh, feels faster than that!

5. Revelation
Oh wow! I’d never thought I’d that before! I’d better blog about that!


Did I miss any?

2 Comments on “What I’m Thinking

    • Ha! Yes! I should maybe have added a separate “Post-Run Plans” category that only deals with what I’ll eat during the rest of the day!


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