Hüma Chia Energy Gels

At The Runner’s Flat 50K, I had the opportunity to try something new. I tend to usually say, “Nothing new on race day,” but I made an exception on one thing. I tried, and used through the whole race, Hüma Chia Energy Gels. Why did I do this? For a few reasons.

  1. The homemade Clif Bars were a bit too crumbly to easily eat while on the move. They were delicious after the race as a recovery food and I’ve really enjoyed them as a snack, but they did not do the trick while running trails, where I could have easily tripped (more) had I not been paying attention.
  2. I looked at what they had at the aid stations and, aside from the bananas and oranges, they were the most natural things available.
  3. The consistency of the first one I tried was not nearly as thick as the other gels I’ve tried in the past.

So, I wanted to give you a bit of info and a quick review of them in case you haven’t tried them before.



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First off, they do have 8 different flavors and all have similar nutritional information. I used the blueberry and mango because I happen to just like those flavors and didn’t want to end up with one that didn’t sit well with me. All of their flavors are 100 calories per packet and all of them have ingredients that I can pronounce and do not incorporate numbers, which is awesome. I also like that the first ingredient is a fruit puree.

The texture of this gel is very interesting. It’s not nearly as thick as the other gels I’ve used. My past experience with gels has felt like I’m basically squirting preserves into my mouth and needed to immediately wash it down with water to keep my mouth feeling fresh. These, though, are a step between bars/gels and straight liquids. In fact, they tout that as one of their benefits in this nifty infographic. If you’ve ever tried putting chia seeds in water to drink, you know that the chia seeds eventually become a jelly-like consistency, which is pretty prevalent in the gel. In fact, I would say that without the chia included in this recipe, it would probably be mainly liquid.

The company itself has only been around since late 2012 and they only have gels for sale (and 2 colors of t-shirt), so they are staking a lot on their one product. And they aren’t shy about why they make them the way they do. They even go so far as to break down, in fairly great detail, why each ingredient is included in the recipe. This page is complete with an impressive list of citations to back up their claims.

So, the bottom line, boils down to this. I don’t like gels, but I really like Hüma. Their product is solid and it got my through my first 50K feeling great and looking forward to my next one. I believe my search for running fuel has ended with Hüma!


Hüma has not sponsored this post. The views expressed in this post are my own.


Has anybody ever tried these before? What flavor? What was your experience?

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