Loud Noises!


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One thing that I’ve noticed in the last few weeks is that the world around us seems to have become busier and noisier. Our televisions, front porches, and mailboxes are littered with political ads and advocates. Our streets are busy and loud with school buses taking students to school, athletic events, and concerts. Even on my runs, the fallen leaves crunch sharply with every step. The other day, on my run, I could hardly hear the birds and bugs that usually overtake my hearing. Until, in one spot, there were no leaves, and suddenly I could hear so much more than I even remember hearing before. It’s almost like the noise made the silence more welcome and holy.

Psalm 46, one of my favorites, has a line that always stands out to me, “Be still, and know that I am God!” Sometimes, we forgot that God is doing all kinds of work, showing God’s power and love, because we are so busy doing our own stuff, trying to show our power. I say this because, on my run yesterday, I began to realize just how much noise I contribute to the world around me and I can’t say I’m always proud of it.

For all of my best intentions, I know I just end up being part of the noise and busyness, because that’s how we function (and by we, I can only talk for the United States in general – I know I have a few readers from other countries and I don’t want you to assume I speak for everybody). We make ourselves be noticed by making noise and doing stuff. But what would it look like to not do that anymore? So my challenge to you is to take a few minutes each day to be “unbusy”. Turn off the TV, put down the phone, and just take a few minutes (or more) to recognize God in our crazy, busy, noisy world. Let your ambition or entertainment take a back seat, for just a few minutes, to notice what God is trying to do. Give yourself a break from the busyness and noise, even for a few minutes, and enjoy who God is.

What are you thinking?

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