This is Spinal Crack

Pardon the pun. I can’t help it.

As I’ve run trails, I’ve become quite familiar with scrapes, burrs, animals, roots, trees, gravel, ruts, and falls (but only once). However, I hadn’t become too acquainted with branches until about 5-6 weeks ago when, as I was looking down at a few dangerous roots and rocks, I ran into a branch, probably about 3 inches across right on the top of my head. Obviously, it wasn’t pleasant, but I finished the run, stretched my neck out a bit, and went on with my life. Since then, though, my neck had gotten gradually worse, to the point where looking up was fairly painful. So, I got acquainted with a chiropractor in town. When I worked in Cedar Falls, I would go to Agape Therapy to get chiropractic care from a friend of mine there. Now that I work in Mason City, however, I have a hard time making the hour+ trip to get adjusted. I went to one chiropractor in town, but it didn’t really work. So, I tried Dr. Nelson at Mason City Chiropractic and it’s the best thing I’ve done to take care of myself all month.


(photo credit)

As soon as I walked it, I could tell it was a well run office and everybody was super friendly. They all explain things very well and the adjustment was quick, effective, and much needed. I was way of alignment in the upper cervical vertebrae (thank you, branch), the middle of my thoracic area (thank you, life), and my hips/lumbar (thank you, running). He adjusted all of these areas quickly and was very calm and friendly while doing it. After that, I got to lie on an aqua massage table for a few minutes (which could have been an hour, if I had my way) and it felt awesome.

As a runner, I know that I need to take care of my body in order for it to do what I’m asking it to do. Now that my back is better aligned, I’m reminded why it’s so important. We often think of our bodies as something to be conquered, worked on, and pushed beyond what we think is possible. But we should, instead, think of our bodies as something to be worked with and cared for. I’m reminded of that today and I want to thank Dr. Nelson for his services. I’m sure I’ll be stopping in again soon (even if it’s just for the aqua massage).

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