Advantages of Winter Running

I haven’t been writing much, but not for lack of wanting to. I decided to do a quick and dirty Top 5 list:

the biggest advantages of running in the winter:

1. I don’t sweat nearly as much, so I don’t smell like a middle school locker room when I get home!

2. I feel like a tough guy because I’m the only one out there for a good morning run!

3. Nothing feels better than warming up with a warm mug of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate after getting all chilly!

4. I am forced to use better form, using short steps that stay under my hips, in order to not slip or fall on ice, thereby saving my knees (and the rest of me) a lot of aching.

5. Two words: frosty beard.


Bonus extra
Making “Winter Runderland” jokes.



Did I miss any? What are your best reasons to run in winter?

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