Finding Tracks

It’s pretty easy in the warmer months to assume, if you don’t see anyone around, that you’re the only one hitting those trails. However, in the snow laden winter, you learn pretty quickly how many people use the paths you’re on.

I am constantly reminded, especially this time of year, how so many people have come before me. As much as I’m blazing a trail in my own life each and every time I get out to run, I also realize that my trail, unique to me, is also be blazed by others crazy enough to have taken their dogs out, gone for walks, or gone running. We are all walking on other people’s footsteps, but we also leave our own for others to tread upon later. Sometimes the footsteps are so iced over you can’t run on them, so you move over, make another path, but you are still effected by those who have come before. So remember how the steps you leave will inevitably affect someone else. Live in a way that makes those steps a positive!

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