I Run For Dalton

A few weeks ago I found this really incredible group of people who are dedicated both to running and providing hope and support. It started with one runner and a man named Michael. Now I Run For Michael has turned into a community of incredible support. They pair up runners (or lifters or cross fitters or athletes of any kind) and people who can’t run for various reasons, usually developmental delays or disabilities, whom we call coaches.

Turns out, there is a group for siblings of the coaches! The group is called IR4 Siblings – Unsung Heroes. I signed up to run for that group and was paired up with a high school student named Dalton. His sister is a coach, too.

So, a couple times a week, I make sure I run and think about and pray for Dalton. I pray he’s doing well in school, that he’s a good son and brother, that he finds ways to cope and have fun despite the stress of having a sister with health problems (and high school in general), and that he knows that he’s supported. I hope he finds a way to navigate helping his family while finding his own way through life.

So, if you see #irun4dalton on any of my Twitter or Instagram, now you know why!


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