New Year, Same Process

First off, let me wish blessings to you all in this time of celebration. Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, or any other faith system, this time is a special season where many of us pause to be grateful. Regardless of your beliefs, this is ALWAYS a good thing. So, from the most sincere place in my being, I pray you would feel peace and joy this season.

The new year is upon us. It always carries a lot of promise and uncertainty. At the same time, it can look as though it’s smiling at us, inviting us to a world of possibilities, or baring it’s teeth, waiting to pounce. Of course, there is a range within that and it all depends on your perspective. For some, resolutions abound and old habits are given one last chance. So eat that piece of fudge, smoke that last cigarette, or that last drink, confident in your ability to control yourself. After today, everything changes, right? Some, on the other hand, will wake up tomorrow the same as they’ve women for years. No special treatment, just life.

What I would encourage is something in the middle. We are people with flaws, hurts, and hang ups. We will make mistakes, which is okay, but it always feel less okay when we’ve made these grand resolutions which set us up for failure. There is no way you’ll wake up tomorrow and not crave whatever your abandoned vice of choice is. That takes years and years to do.

That being said, don’t not try. Everyday, whether January 1st or April 6th or August 29th, is a new chance. Every day is a chance to take a step in the right direction or recover from a day looking in the wrong direction. Everyday is a time to reset, find some calm and joy, and start over. Resolutions are great, but easily broken. You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow a new person any more than you do every other day. However, the person you wake up as everyday has a chance to do something, to work toward something, and we really shouldn’t forget that either.

There is nothing magical about midnight. It’s a singular moment in the future, which will become a singular moment in history. What matters is who you are and who you’re allowing, willing, and striving yourself to be.

So be awesome tomorrow, but also the next day, and the next. Let your 2015 be a year of process and renewal. You’ll break your resolution, but don’t let that break your resolve. Because this year can be any number of things. But one thing it will be for everybody is a collection of days we wake up, look in the mirror, and decide how we will live, and every moment beyond that, is a chance to do the same thing.


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