An Explanation is in Order

Have you ever needed to explain your running to someone who doesn’t understand it? It happens to be pretty frequently, especially around this time of year when things are cold, slippery, and inconvenient. I get a lot of funny looks when I am seen about town in my running gear. I’m never quite sure if that is because of what I’m wearing, as I only really have one pair of nice running leggings and, therefore need to wear other, not nearly as cool looking clothes. Or maybe it’s simply because I’m outside without the express purpose of getting into or out of my car. Either way, I’m definitely an oddity.

And, to be honest, sometimes I ask myself that question, too. But then on my run on Wednesday, after a week of no running due to traveling for a family wedding, I remembered why. It’s because when I’m running, it’s when I tend to feel most alive and connected with God and nature. I ran, and the wind burned my face and my lungs grew cold, but in those moments, when every nerve ending tinges with the effort, I learn again what it feels like to feel with my whole body. I learn about my own fragility and my own limits. I learn about the vastness of nature and how small I am in comparison to it. And I learn to appreciate calmness, be it in a wind block or in my toasty office. And I remember why my spiritual life is so integral. Running is part of how I connect with everything around me, and I am reminded of that every time that I run.

So, I’m not saying I don’t look like an idiot running out in the snow. I’m not saying I have an articulate answer after someone asks, “Why would you want to run today?” But, despite that, I will still run. Because it’s a part of who I am and who I was created to be comes out a little more each time I lace up my shoes and lose myself in the vastness of it all.


Just wanted you to know that I may or may not be able to post during most of this month. I write as I’m inspired, so I don’t schedule out posts and I’ll be traveling to Namibia as part of my schoolin’. I’m not entirely sure what the internet capabilities will be where I’m staying. So, I thought I’d let you all know that. I’m sure I’ll have some great stories when I get back though, because I’m certainly going to be running there!

Have a great January, if I don’t see you before the end!

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