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It’s official! I’ve registered for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon! After a few years of my aunt and uncle telling me about the race and inviting me up to run, I’m going. So, if you need me on October 4th, I’ll be busy. With my work, it’s hard for me to get away on Sundays, so I figured I should do this one while I can still get away. Once I’m ordained, I know that won’t always be an option.

More exciting news: I will be having my first giveaway in the next few weeks! Without giving any spoilers, I will say that if you are a runner/walker who likes to crunch numbers, you won’t want to miss this! More information should be coming soon!

Also, please check out Cupid’s Undie Run! I’m running it to help raise money and awareness to help end NF (neurofibromatosis) with Children’s Tumor Foundation. If you’re not too busy on the morning of Valentine’s Day, you should register! If you can’t register, you should (if possible) donate to the cause! Thanks in advance!


What races/events are you doing this year?


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