Milestone Pod Review and Giveaway

Runners get pretty hung up on numbers. There’s the magical cadence of 180 bpm that some shoot for. Others are interested in how many miles they have on their shoes so they know when to properly replace them. Other people are more interested in how far they’ve gone and how many calories they worked off on the way (or may just how much they can eat without feeling guilty). Well, if you fall into that, I have some exciting news! Milestone Pod can help you out big time!


I heard of Milestone Pod on the magical land of Tweets and Hashtags and, as I was about to start my second pair of GoRun Sprints, I was interested in gathering a little more data on this particular pair of shoes. Upon opening up the box, I was surprised at how simple the Pod is. It takes a battery, which is included, and then gets laced into your shoes, as close to the toe as possible. The simplicity of it is deceiving, however, because of it’s interaction with the free Milestone Pod App, available on both Android and Apple app stores. They connect via Bluetooth 4.0, but that does not mean that you need to run with your phone if you don’t normally. In fact, Milestone Pod makes a point of stating on their website that you can still track your miles using your normal means, such as a GPS watch or mobile app. I think that’s the best thing about the Pod – you can use it to supplement your existing data or tracking without making you change it. Do whatever you would normally do, but use this information to give you other insights into your running.IMG_2962

And what, exactly, does this simple, hand free pod measure? A lot! It measures the standard things that would be measured by most GPS devices, such as distance, pace, duration, and top speed. However, it also unlike standard GPS devices, it will also measure your cadence and peak cadence, stride length, stance time (which is the amount of time that your foot is in contact with the ground) and stance time peak and your foot strike (based on the angle of the Pod as your foot reaches the ground). It will use this information to create a Runficiency Score to give you an idea of how efficiently you’re running. Personally, I’m very interested in knowing my cadence and foot strike, which is measured in percentage of heel, mid, and toe striking.

Aside from giving you information, as an added bonus, having this Pod and app also gives you some sweet deals on various rewards. The current one, which expires on 2.19.15 is 20% off a purchase from RedFox Wireless. Pretty sweet stuff! This is why Milestone Pod has been making waves on Competitor Magazine, running expos, and health conscious news outlets for several months. Not bad for a device that costs less than $25!

And now, I want to share this great product with you! I will be doing my first ever giveaway and, if you want to receive this handy, little Pod, please register!

MilestoneSports giveaway


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Thanks for checking it out!

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