Cupid’s Undie Run Recap

What do you get when you take equal parts charity cause, (mostly young) adult swagger, and sub-zero (Fahrenheit, mind you) temperatures? Mason City’s Cupid’s Undie Run! Yesterday, a little under 400 people gathered in their skivvies to run for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. We raised over $57,000 and the Cupid’s Undie Run series raised over $3,200,000! That’s a lot of money raised by crazy people!

Yesterday, the windchill was somewhere around -17, so the course was cut short. Literally, we ran around the block instead of the 1.5 miles that were originally planned. My wife said, “Why even run if it’s that short?” The answer: because it’s fun and it isn’t really about the running anyway.

When we got there, we checked in, got our prizes (for me, it’s an “I’m With Cupid” tee and MeUndies boxer briefs), and the party began!

Rips for Tips was going on, where you could give a tip and someone wax your chest, back, or whatever you were brave enough to do. Pretty funny stuff! After the run, the party continued with prizes, awards, dancing, and adult beverages.

One of the fun things for me was that I was chosen to lead the race carrying the flag. The race director found me beforehand and said that, because I am a runner, she wanted me to lead the run! I was super excited!

I was originally going to wear a shirt, but after I was chosen, this happened:

(Thanks to Love and Luck Photography for taking pictures)

On an actual running note, I cut the toes off some long socks that I never really wore to run and they made lovely sleeves! Please ignore the noodle arms, I’m working on those.

Hope you all had a Valentine’s Day as great as me!

8 Comments on “Cupid’s Undie Run Recap

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    • Yeah! It really was a blast! The best way I can describe the feeling of that cold would be to imagine doing a polar plunge, but never actually getting in the water. Real cold!

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