When I go for a run, I usually go without glasses. I have to wear them to drive and see details from far away, but I usually figure that I’m not running fast enough to need them. I can see well enough to get around a trail or race course, so I figure that’s good enough. I’ve raced and put in hundreds, if not a few thousand miles without wearing them. However, I forgot to take my glasses off on my run last night. And I was astounded as to how much I noticed. I saw the trees, trail, and clouds more clearly than I have for a while. I saw the deer I ended up chasing down the trail for a while.

Of course, I realize how obvious and ridiculous this sounds. Surprise! Glasses help you see! But, seriously, it kinda blew me away. Suddenly being able to see the intricacies of the trail were incredible. It helped me enjoy the run more than I had in a while.

It made me think about other times when I suddenly saw things more clearly. It made me think of how my friend finding a brain tumor suddenly made me realize how important he is to me. It made me think of how waiting for a baby to be born reminds me how much control I don’t have. And it made me think of how running has effectively changed the way that I view the world in general.

I’m not sure if a personally reflective post means much to anybody else, but this kind of reflection is part of a spiritually active life. Hope you all had a great week!

4 Comments on “Clarity

  1. Do you find that running without music and/or alone also provides a similar clarity? I know I do.Thanks for the beautiful post! 🙂 On a different note I’m not sure how you ran without contacts/glasses previously, I’d run into something without mine! Haha


    • Yeah! I always run without music and it’s rare to find someone who has my schedule who also shares my love of distance running. My vision is somewhere around 20/100, so I can see shapes, anyway! Except that one big branch last fall… 🙂

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