A Certain Look

Today was the funeral for Amy, who I wrote about last week. The service went well and it felt like a healing experience. The auditorium of the church we were in was packed and I’m glad the Fire Marshall wasn’t there or there could have been trouble. There had to be around 400+ people there. I feel like I’ve had time to process her death more than the last post, so the funeral wasn’t as traumatic for me as I’d feared.

On my way in, a greeter opened the door for me and said, “You must be one of those bloggers!” I replied, “Yeah! How did you know?” He said, “You all have a certain look about you. You’re either looking in your phone or you’re looking around for something else to write about. And the beard and flannel don’t stand out a bit, too.”

It made me laugh, for sure. Beard and flannel aside, though, he is on to something. Yes, I do spend more time on my phone than necessary. And yes, I am always looking around, especially while running. That’s what this “spiritual practice of running” mumbo jumbo is all about. It’s about keeping your eyes, ears, mind, and heart open to what may happen. It’s about being aware and present, knowing that truth and insight don’t always come when we dictate it should come, but it comes in the simple, every day moments of life and too often we miss it.

I suppose, as a youngish running spirituality blogger, I have a certain look, but I hope it also means I have a certain vision, too. A vision to see each day as a gift, each moment as an opportunity, and each run as a classroom of life. 

Peace, my friends. We carry each other. 

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