Sketchers GoRun Ultra

In the midst of winter running, we who are foolish enough or brave enough to run outside will try a lot of different things to keep our feet dry and warm. Now, I normally lean toward the minimalist trend (although the hardcore minimalists may not consider me as such). But, in the midst of a week where I never saw temperatures above 0 (Fahrenheit, mind you), I decided to try something new. So, I went to work figuring out what shoes I thought might be worth trying. 

Having been very impressed with the GoRun Sprints, I thought I’d try out another Sketchers offering: the GoRun Ultra. The weather has warmed significantly, so, after a few warmer runs, I feel comfortable giving my thoughts. For the number crunchers, here are the quick stats:


9.1 oz.

Profile (Heel):  
40.7 mm

Profile (Forefoot):  
26.6 mm

Drop from heel to forefoot:  
14.1 mm

It has many similar features as the Sprints, including the M-Strike “bump” in the middle, aimed at encouraging the foot to land on the middle of the foot, rather than the heel. However, I’ve never run in shoes with that much pitch from heel to toe, so I end up heel striking a lot. I must have a pretty shallow stride. 

The feel of these shoes are very supportive and comfortable, which is perfect for a winter day when the ground is frozen solid and you just want to show your foot a little love. They are very light and flexible for their size. When I run in them too long, however, my foot tends to fatigue, possibly from trying to reproduce the stiff landing I get in all of my previous running shoes. 

Another added feature of this shoe which is great for early morning or late night runs is some small but noticeable reflective spots on the heels and toes. I took this picture with the flash on, so you could see. 

So, here are my final thoughts. I really like what Sketchers is doing with their GoRun line of shoes. They are really trying to offer something for all runners and they are great for a runner with a budget. I paid about $50 for these and they retail normally at $85. This shoe is a great value and, if I wasn’t so used to a thinner sole with a stiffer response, I’m sure I would love them. If you are a runner in need of a good bit of support, prefer a more “maximalist” feel, and are used to a fairly steep heel-toe pitch, you should check these shoes out! If you are looking for a shoe that feels minimal with a lot of cushion, maybe a different shoe is the one for you.


This post is not sponsored by Sketchers nor have I received any freebies for writing this. This is just my thoughts on a well-made shoe. 


Have you ever experimented with  different style shoe from your norm? What did you learn about your running style by wearing them?

5 Comments on “Sketchers GoRun Ultra

    • Yeah. I was able to get about 350 miles on my first pair of Sprints and I only had to retire them because, on my trip to Namibia, the rocky terrain and 2-inch long acacia thorns tore them up. I am betting I could have put 100+ more miles on them and still been okay.


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