Energy Bits Review

Every now and then I catch a bit of good luck and get a couple freebies. I’ve gotten a few things in the last few months and I’ll try to get the reviews up in the next week or so. One such freebie was 2 servings of ENERGYbits.



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If you’re a Twitter user, you may recognize seeing #poweredbybits on Tuesday nights, when they have their weekly chat. I’m not often able to join in on Twitter chats, but I like to take part whenever I can. The comradeship and learning aspect is great and, if you get lucky, you get free stuff! The week I joined and won the freebie in the #poweredbybits chat, we were discussing what it took to PR a race, including aspects like training, resting, mentality, and nutrition.

Nutrition is the very thing they concentrate on. The bits part of ENERGYbits are made of 100% spirulina algae. Now, before you make little sicky noises at the thought of ingesting the scum you think of on top of a dirty lake, take a peek at the crazy nutrients in these little tabs.

energybits_back_09.10.14(Photo Credit)

Now, they obviously aren’t scraping it off the surface of a pond and selling this tabs. Algae, in fact, is fairly common to find in Asia as an energy supplement. And, after reading through the nutritional information, I can see why. These things are packed with good stuff! I cannot think of a single athlete who would not benefit from a food like this in their diet.

I use the word “food” very intentionally, as they do on their paperwork, too. ENERGYbits insists that these tabs, although swallowed like a supplement. They say you can chew them, but most don’t like that taste – after chewing one myself, I would agree that it is best to swallow them (I make the mistakes so you don’t have to). This food is super quick absorbing, so they recommend taking them 10-15 minutes before you work out.

So, I’ve just spent the last few minutes telling you what ENERGYbits tells you about their product and plugging their weekly Twitter meet up. You may be asking, “But do they actually help?” From my own experience, I can tell you they absolutely do! I took them about 15 minutes before my 17-mile training run on Saturday. That was the longest run I’d done since my 50k last October and all I took with me was my Orange Mud Hydra Quiver DB (my review will be coming soon) and two gels. The thing is, I almost forgot to take my gels because I was feeling so good! I finished my run right on my intended pace, which is quite a feat for me, and had energy to spare.

Now, I know that you could chalk that up the placebo effect and I know it sounds like I’m just giving a commercial for them, but I am convinced that ENERGYbits work. I am in no way being paid, promoted, or reimbursed for this post. I am simply telling you of my experience with a new product that I look forward to using in the future.

If you are wanting to try some, I would encourage you to join their Tuesday night #poweredbybits chat on Twitter! Also, feel free to check out their extensive list of brand ambassadors who can give you a discount code for ENERGYbits!


Have you every used ENERGYbits before?

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