Caveman Bars

Like so many running junkies, I get a little giddy when I find a new healthy (even if it’s healthy-ish) food. No longer are we bound to Clif Bars and Power Bars (although I do enjoy both of them). Now, we can choose from Larabars, Kind Bars, Luna Bars, Uber Bars, and about a hundred other choices. Despite the variety of choices, rarely do I see one that I haven’t tried and almost never do I find one that I haven’t heard of. It’s almost become a bragging point for me, my addiction to delicious and healthy (okay, healthy-ish) foods.

Imagine my surpirise, then, when I was picking up some groceries the other day and stumbled across one that was new to me. Immediately, the name caught my attention – Caveman. There were three flavors to try (although, looking at their website, there are several more), and I bought the Wild Blueberry Nut for a post-run snack.

Caveman seems to be a relative newcomer to the world of granola-type bars, but they also have chicken jerky, too. They have a free sample offer on their website, too, which is nice – get two bars free with $1 s/h. The company makes a bold claim – “What We’re Meant to Eat”. They try to back it up by showcasing some tried-and-true aspects of health foods – all natural ingredients, gluten free, no peanuts (a plus for those out there with some allergies), and low calories. The ingredients are fruit and nut based – sunflower seeds, almonds, pieces of apple and blueberry – being bound together with brown rice syrup and evaporated cane syrup.



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It certainly looks fairly balanced, containing enough fats and carbs to make me feel fairly full after eating it without making feel like I ate too much. Like I said, this was a post-run snack. Depending on the run, that’s not always the best time to try a new food, or at least a new food you want to maybe blog a little bit about, because an intense run leads to some pretty intense runger on my part. This was an easy-paced run, however, so I was able to enjoy it, not scarf it.

And enjoy it, I did. It perhaps did feel like there was a bit too much syrup holding everything together, as it was fairly sticky. This could be an attribute of this particular flavor of Caveman bar. It certainly didn’t melt in my hand but I would advice not giving it to my kids, who have a habit of getting their hands sticky on pretty much anything and touching everything. The flavor, though, was great. A good bit of crunch while maintaining a chewiness that I enjoy. The fruit still made it texture and flavor known, despite the sticky syrups. As a recovery food, it was fantastic. After eating it post-run, I did not even get a mild case of runger the rest of the day. In fact, I ate less that I normally would the rest of the day, which is pretty amazing in and of itself.

My overall impressions are that this is a great granola-type bar that has enough calories to fill me up after a typical run without making me feel like I ate too much. The texture and flavor was great, despite having a little more syrup than I would prefer. I would definitely encourage you all to check out their website and try a few samples. I know I plan to keep trying them! I may even learn to not eat one like a caveman!



This post is no endorsed, paid for, or sponsored by Caveman Bars. Simply getting the word out about products that I think are worth your consideration!

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