Psuche Running: Relaunched!

IMG_1532Some may have noticed a distinct absence of new material these last several months. As much as I love writing and reflecting, I was unable to balance everything between classes, work, family, running, and music with the time spent blogging. So I decided to take a hiatus from posts – a Sabbath, if you will. This break did not mean that I had stopped everything that was inspiring me. I was learning (sort of required when you’re taking classes), running (my next marathon is next weekend), and preaching.

So, why now? Why relaunch now? Why relaunch at all?

I can answer the first question rather easily – my classes are done as of today and, so, I find myself with a bit more breathing room in my schedule.

The second question, though, is perhaps a bit more muddled. It is definitely multifaceted. I enjoy the process of being and writing, but I could do that in a journal. I enjoy interacting with so many wonderful people that I’ve met so far blogging, but I could easily do that via the myriad social media networks available. I like reviewing gear and races, I like engaging in spiritual practices, but none of them necessarily require a blog. So, I suppose I can’t find a solid reason, but I feel pulled back to this medium of expression and I suppose that’s a good enough reason for me.

I hope you’ll be rejoining me as I run, reflect, preach, and become. Life is much better when we travel together.

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