Enough is Enough

I don’t know what to say right now, but I’ve done less talking than I should have over this issue. Death is tragic and I believe that all people are image bearers of God. Yet the image of God is being attacked, killed, oppressed, and all of it is being justified when the image of God is not recognized in Black bodies. If the first reaction to two killings is to pull out the dirt of someone’s pastto justify their deaths, then the death of these image bearers of God is celebrated and I can’t understand it or stand for it. I don’t know all the details. I don’t know what the police officers were thinking or feeling. I don’t know what Philandro Castile or Alton Sterling’s last thoughts were. I don’t know what I would do in their shoes, or the shoes of their killers, or the shoes of their families.

photo cred: Justin C. Cohen

photo cred: Justin C. Cohen

But I do know that things are not right. When a white college student gets 6 months (maximum) for rape and Philandro, a black school cafeteria worker, is shot and killed in his car for _____ (please, someone tell me). When the first image released by the media for the previously mentioned rapist is a school photo, smiling and clean, while the media dug up a mug shot for Alton, unsmiling and dazed, there needs to be a change. When we justify the unnecessary murder of the image of God found in Black bodies, the image of God is cast aside for separation and segregation.

This week, many churches will read about a lawyer asking a question: Who is my neighbor? I think it’s time we wake up and realize that our neighbors are being killed and I, and we, haven’t been the neighbor we ought to be.

Don’t debate me on this. I’m not going to put up with it.


Image found on http://www.justinccohen.com/blog/2016/7/6/advice-for-white-folks-in-the-wake-of-the-police-murder-of-a-black-person. Please read and act.


This post taken from my Facebook page and I felt that I needed to say it again.

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